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Mirto is a ground floor apartment, with direct access to the garden. Composed of three bedrooms with beds for five people it has two bathrooms and a living room plus a separate kitchen. Cool during summers and warm in winters, thanks also to its fireplace, it is a cosy place to relax after an interesting day of sightseeing or swimming.

Details on extra services available upon booking.

All rates are in € / day, with a minimum stay of 4 days except in high season with a minimum stay of 1 week.

Date4 Beds5 Beds
Feb 10th - Mar. 30th110,00€115,00€
Mar. 30th - May 25th114,00€124,00€
May 25th - July 06th165,00€180,00€
July 06th - Aug. 31st218,00€238,00€
Aug. 31st - Sept 07th165,00€180,00€
Sept 07th - Sept 28th114,00€124,00€
Sept 28th - Nov 02nd110,00€115,00€